Ceramic Ionic Hair Irons

High-end hair straightening irons have evolved considerably from the days of old. Today’s straightening irons have ceramic plated components that have been incorporated into the overall design. The use of ceramic material is believed to make the process of hair straightening less abrasive and damaging to the hair. These ceramic components are usually a part of the heating mechanism and make it so that there is a more efficient distribution and utilisation of the heat that is being produced.

Additionally, these irons also have a very fast heat-up time and are ready to go in less than ten seconds. A higher quality plate is a design aspect that helps straighten the hair more easily and cause much less damage than traditional straightening irons. Very hard ceramic coatings are applied in layers and baked on to the straightening plates. These pricier models tend to perform much better than the less expensive units that usually do not have incorporated ceramic heating elements. Cheaper straighteners often have a paint-like coating that gives the appearance of ceramic plating.

These cheaper coatings fade away very quickly and cause a lot of damage to the hair. Less damage is done to the hair when the plate that is in contact with the hair is of a higher quality. Higher quality plates are also much smoother and help to produce a visibly better result than cheaper plates. It is also important to remember that if you plan on using a hair straightener on a regular basis, it is important to choose a high quality straightener as this will minimise the harmful effects of frequent usage.

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