Ceramic Ionic Hair Irons

High-end hair straightening irons have evolved considerably from the days of old. Today’s straightening irons have ceramic plated components that have been incorporated into the overall design. The use of ceramic material is believed to make the process of hair straightening less abrasive and damaging to the hair. These ceramic components are usually a part of the heating mechanism and make it so that there is a more efficient distribution and utilisation of the heat that is being produced.

Additionally, these irons also have a very fast heat-up time and are ready to go in less than ten seconds. A higher quality plate is a design aspect that helps straighten the hair more easily and cause much less damage than traditional straightening irons. Very hard ceramic coatings are applied in layers and baked on to the straightening plates. These pricier models tend to perform much better than the less expensive units that usually do not have incorporated ceramic heating elements. Cheaper straighteners often have a paint-like coating that gives the appearance of ceramic plating.

These cheaper coatings fade away very quickly and cause a lot of damage to the hair. Less damage is done to the hair when the plate that is in contact with the hair is of a higher quality. Higher quality plates are also much smoother and help to produce a visibly better result than cheaper plates. It is also important to remember that if you plan on using a hair straightener on a regular basis, it is important to choose a high quality straightener as this will minimise the harmful effects of frequent usage.

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How Registration Forms Are Killing B2B Software Marketing

I’ve been reminded once again of what a mistake it is for B2B software companies to force prospective customers to fill out a registration lead capture form in order to view their marketing content.

Over the past week I’ve been researching project management software solutions to better collaborate with clients on marketing and PR projects, and as I was perusing various vendor websites, again and again I was asked to submit my information and “pay” just to read case studies, white papers, watch videos or listen to podcasts so I can potentially buy their product.

Instead of generating leads, these registration forms turn away the very prospects that you need to educate and engage with. Like most busy professionals researching software, I want to have a very good sense that a solution will work for my specific needs before I want to risk being interrupted by phone calls, emails, and direct mailings from people I don’t care to hear from.

That means removing the barriers to your marketing content in order for prospects to learn more about your software and see you as a trustworthy source, which compels them to contact you and willingly engage with your company. This is far more likely to result in a sale than not generating leads at all, or generating low quality leads because they’re still in the research phase of the sales cycle and probably don’t want to talk with you yet.

Survey Says: 75% IT Pros Won’t Register for White Papers

In an interview on the Savvy B2B Marketing blog with Jay Hallberg, VP of Marketing of networking monitoring software provider Spiceworks, he discussed results of a survey of users of their IT white paper community.

The survey found:

More than 75% of IT professionals DON’T sign up for white papers requiring registration
IT pros want to reach out to the vendor on their terms via their preferred channel, e.g. phone, email, or chat. Prospects don’t want the vendor to contact them. Period. If they want more information or to talk to a rep after they download a paper, they will contact that vendor.
Some IT vendors offer “free” white papers but require registration. If the vendor requires contact information, the white paper is far from free.
When vendors remove the registration wall, downloads go way up. One white paper that was offered without registration was downloaded 500 times in 3 days.

Lead Capture Forms Make Social Media Sharing Ineffective

One of the project management software vendors I checked out was recommended by someone on LinkedIn who provided a link to a white paper. Unfortunately, the link led to a registration form to download the white paper, which I didn’t do because I didn’t know enough about the vendor or solution yet. If the link had led directly to the white paper itself (or page from which I could download without ‘paying’) then I could quickly and easily have found out if I wanted to contact the vendor and engage with them. If I found the white paper helpful, I would have shared it with others via Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media venues as I know other marketing pros that need similar solutions.

By putting up barriers to your content, you’re missing out on effectively using social media to generate leads.

ReachForce Increases eBook Clickthroughs by 1600%

In a recent test by the marketing team of lead generation software provider ReachForce, they removed the registration form from an eBook they had created, and sent an email to a targeted list promoting the eBook, making sure to highlight that there was no registration required. Clickthroughs to the eBook increased by 1600%, and because ReachForce’s sales team could track who was clicking through, they were still collecting highly valuable information about prospects.

Registration Has Its Time and Place

Lead capture forms are effective and needed for some aspects of marketing, such as requiring prospects to sign up to receive a newsletter or attend an event, as you need their email address to send the content or event information. It is a good idea to offer a ‘bonus’ content piece such as an article, case study, video, etc. that the subscriber receives immediately in order to boost subscription rates, so in this case a registration form is appropriate.

One way to effectively use registration forms is embedding them into your content or placing a lead capture form on the same web page as your content, so prospects can contact your company if they wish, but can still view and share your content without contacting you.

Increase Lead Generation by Creating Quality Content

If you’re continuously creating high-quality content that educates and engages (and entertains in appropriate cases) your prospective customers, instead of an uninvited pest, you’ll be seen as a welcome guest who they look forward to hearing from.

7 Quick Tips for Adding More Value to Your Products and Services

In order to consistently attract ideal, paying clients, it must become your mission to ensure that everything you do and offer to your ideal clients exceeds their needs and expectations. Gone are the days when you can get away with an attempt to solve a problem, today you MUST be the clear solution and add enough value to stand out amongst your peers in the industry. Gone are the days when “just enough” will lead to an influx of ideal clients. In today’s marketplace, you must go above and beyond if you want to keep a steady flow of ideal clients on your roster.

Exceptional customer service remains a top reason why people return to a previous supplier for a new repeat or additional service. Despite what economist tell you, people are still buying, but if you want to be the recipient of your ideal client’s spending dollars, you must add value.

If you’re not getting the response you want from your ideal clients it is because you’ve not fully expressed the value of your product or service in terms that makes them want to buy right now. When the focus on your business practices include adding significant value to your ideal clients, you will increase your brand perception – that is, the way others see who you are and the value you add in the marketplace. As your brand perception increases, you are also earning brand equity, just like equity in your home, increases the value you represent in the marketplace, consistently over time.

When it comes to adding value, your goal must be to offer additional items or services that do not take additional time for you to supply. It is very likely that right now, in your business inventory, you’ve got tons of products, services and value-add items that are just sitting there collecting dust. If you were to dust them off and prepare them to be used by new and existing clients, you’d find yourself a lot more busy than you may be right now. When we are looking for new money opportunities in our businesses, more often than not, the tools to get more are right in front of us. Because we are used to looking at what we offer, we often miss the value adds that we have had access to since the creation of our business.

This is why participating in masterminds or having a coach can be a valuable addition to your business plan. An outside person looking into your business will quickly identify the value adds that you already have that will cost you no additional time or effort to make available to your ideal clients.

So, how do you create more value and increase your brand equity, ensuring return clients and more referrals than you ever thought possible? Consider these quick tips:

After you create products and services for your clients, ask yourself these questions:

1. “How can I add value to this offering to ensure that my ideal clients will be satisfied, keep returning for more and share me with others that they know who have the problem they used to have?”

2. “What do I have sitting in my inventory that would further enhance the experience my clients get when they working with me?” Note: these items add value but do not increase your work output.

3. “How can I create value that will increase my Top of Mind Awareness amongst my clients?”

4. “What are five little things I can do now to add up to the unassailable difference that I offer to my current clients to get them to upgrade their level of service with me?”

5. “If I were my ideal client, would this add enough value for me to take advantage of the offer?”

6. “What would I want to make me open my wallet over and over again to purchase my products and services?”

Here are some of my favorite quick tips to add into your products and services to add more value, increase your ideal client count and grow your business:

1. Add a gift with purchase component to your service offerings. Think like a make-up counter, when your clients spend a certain amount, offer them something for free. The gift should be something you’ve already created: like a book, audio CD, DVD, etc. No additional time should go into supplying this item when a client makes a specific dollar amount purchase.

2. Offer a product sampling with a coupon should they decide to buy the full-sized offering. A great way to do this is by offering a sample session for 15 minutes – at the end of the sample session sell them on getting the full hour session.

3. Offer a “done for you template” as a bonus for your consulting services. There are many things that you do easily and effortlessly that others wish they could do. You’ve probably already created your template; offer it as a free bonus when they become a new private client.

4. Re-purpose some existing content in the form of a free report or audio download as a bonus when someone becomes a client. Everything you do should be recorded, which can easily be turned into a transcript, free report, article, etc. Because you’ve already done the work, it’s easy for you to offer, but it will mean the world to your client.

5. Create a referral incentive program to let your ideal clients know that you are not only accepting new clients but if they refer you to a new client, they will earn a special incentive like more private access to you, an additional product or a significant discount on a future purchase.

6. For your top-tier clients, offer them a significant discount to attend a live event.

7. If you offer phone sessions with your clients, give them the recording for free – your clients will LOVE you if you do this as they will be able to listen back to the value you add and solutions you offer over and over again.

Final thought: It’s important to ensure that every time you work with a client, they give you a testimonial based on the results you offered to improve or resolve their problem, which ultimately can be used to further add value to others. People love to know that other people with their problem found value working with you. Highlight those testimonials and success stories on your website, in your e-zine and wherever your ideal clients might see them.